today was the day i was going to share my capsule wardrobe with you all. the last week of december i put together a capsule wardrobe for january through march in hopes that i would be able to eliminate clutter from my closet, thus making my mornings quicker to get ready. i took the pictures of it all and as i was editing all the pictures i realized something. i didn’t have any comfy lounge around clothes. or workout clothes. or sunday church going clothes. so i went back to the drawing board and adding a couple things to my capsule wardrobe and took away a few things. but then i realized i really loved x, y, and z and still wanted to wear them in the cooler months.

i was mulling over what to do this morning as i was making my first cup of coffee and flipping through a few blogs i read on a regular basis.

then i read about how emma is using a ribbon to keep track of things she wears instead of doing a capsule wardrobe. the idea behind it is you tie a ribbon or piece of yarn in your closet and every time you wear a piece, you move it to the other side of the ribbon. it helps you keep track of what you have worn and helps you either rediscover things you forgot about or pushes you to get rid of things you don’t think about.

so the capsule wardrobe is no longer happening. this was the answer to all my problems. i’ll still be able to eliminate without longingly looking at my other clothes that weren’t added in my capsule wardrobe.

and sorry not sorry for the grainy not so glamorous pictures of my closet. i don’t have a roll away clothing rack to take gorgeous natural sunlight pictures and the awesome homeowners prior to us painted the closet this god awful tan color. just keeping it real guys.

are any of you doing the capsule wardrobe or trying a spin on it? i’d love to hear other suggestions on how to make it work!



  1. January 8, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    I have seen so many people attempt the capsule wardrobe lately! I think it is a cool idea, but I am a clothes and shoes hoarder. I got rid of a lot of stuff but there are still some things I cant let go of. The ribbon wouldn't work for me because I am OCD and my closet is color coordinated. But I have heard you can flip the hangers around and after 6 months get rid of everything that hasn't been flipped! I need to do that.

  2. January 9, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    I saw this too and thought it was a great idea! I think your pictures look good (; I want to try this, but I tend to only hang dresses since my closet is a little too small to hang all my tops (they're organized in one of those vertical 6 box/shelve fabric hangers, if that description makes sense). So, instead of doing the ribbon, I may put the clothing I wear on the lowest shelves to create more of a visual. Good luck with this!

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