my girl is fourteen months. can we just stop right there for a second? i have a fourteen month old and a three year old. wasn’t i just getting a puppy yesterday? i mean, gosh how the time flies.

anyway. amelia. fourteen months. she’s amazing.

seriously though. our youngest is the most amazing girl ever. and smart. she’s so so smart for a one year old. she is the least fussiest baby, she loves to snuggle and when she’s really tired she puffs her lips into this kissy little pout with the tip of her tongue just a tiny bit out and she’ll rest her head on your chest. every time she does it, it gets me. she’s our little organizer and helper too. she puts her toys in the bin and her blocks back in the basket. i’ll ask her to get something for me and she always comes back with it. she even puts things in the trash for me and is slowly figuring out how to lock the trash can. the other day she had all sort of pretend vegetables in a bowl and (without being prompted) walked over to the play kitchen, fished around in the bin for a plastic spoon, and started stirring. it’s amazing the things kids pick up on when they watch you.

she is an eating champ too. ever since she first started foods she’s ate great but really i think the only thing she doesn’t like is avocado. otherwise everything else, she constantly is into. her favorite foods right now are raisins, mac and cheese and pulled pork but really i don’t even cook specifically for her anymore. she just eats what i make for andrew and i because she’s not fussy when it comes to food at all. although i have to admit, after (and sometime during meals, she has a tendency to pick up her plate and rub it all over her hair or comb the top of her head with a spoon or fork. that always makes me want to cry just a little but she’s so happy when she does it.

now that amelia is completely mobile, she’s of course into all of addison’s things but we’re working on adjusting and re-learning how to share. she’s a tough cookie though because addison is not very gentle with her and amelia will take it. but i’m convinced she’s taking notes because addi’s time will come some day 😉

she’s still a little peanut, not even 20 pounds yet but she’s a fierce little one. she started walking when she was thirteen and a half months and i sort of forgot how adorable it is to see babies walk. she doesn’t really do the penguin walk as much as she lifts her feet up pretty high as if she’s trying not to trip. and when she’s really excited or you’re cheering for her, she’ll throw her hands up in the sky as if to say “hooray, i’m doing it!”.

i haven’t shared much about her recently but i had to document this on here if not for just the future me to look back on. this is such a fun age because they’re learning and exploring so much right now and i don’t want to forget a single moment.

keep growing little amelia (meme) june! we’re so blessed to have you in our life <3



  1. February 28, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    My brother's wife is pregnant with his first daughter and her name is Amelia too. Your Amelia is beautiful! What a blessing she is to your family.

  2. March 2, 2017 / 2:39 am

    Happy 14 months amelia! My little one is 13 months and such a peanut too! But it's amazing how much they grow and learn just from watching us!

  3. March 3, 2017 / 7:57 pm

    This was so fun to read as my daughter just turned 13 months. Her big brother doesn't like to share as much as your 3 year old though. Lol.

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