they always say time flies faster with baby number two than the first. yep, that’s right too. our girl is four months old today and my has this been the fastest four months of my life.

it’s funny how two girls from the exact same mom and dad can be so different, even when they’re so young. amelia is so opposite of how addison was already.

our little sweet cheeks is such a relaxed and chill baby. she doesn’t need attention, she’s very content with hanging out in her swing. when she wakes up from a nap, she wakes up slowly. no screaming at the top of her lungs to be fed. more just cooing and talking to herself and you know, eventually we’ll get to eat but she’s not demanding to be fed the minute she wakes up.

she isn’t interested in pacifiers, loves to sleep on her belly, and is most content when someone is snuggling her. she’s mastered the art of getting her whole fist in her mouth too.

amelia has chunked out quicker than ever too! those thighs gets me every time in her rocking six month clothes and size two diapers.

she survived two lengthy road trip vacations too! we went up to wisconsin at the end of january for ten days and then went down to florida for a few days. she’s a serious trooper.

she’s completely intrigued with addison. every time addison is around, she’s constantly watching her and laughing with her. personally i think amelia is sometimes plotting her revenge for when she’s older and can walk/tackle addison like addison tackles her right now 😉

we’ve done weekly pictures with amelia and they’re so much fun to look at and see her grow. i’ll share them all when she turns a year. i can’t wait to put that collage together! although i don’t want her to grow up…at all! so please just stay my little peanut okay?

amelia, you’ve been such a beautiful joy in our world and we love you so! keep growing baby love, it’s only going to get better!


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  1. April 17, 2016 / 2:44 am

    What a cute little girl! Lovely pictures 🙂

    Edye //

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