addison is at such a fun age right now. they are all fun in their own ways but this 25 month age is especially hysterical to me! though we are not without challenges that is for certain. our latest one is her thinking every time she’s hungry, she will give a snack. and snacks only live in the pantry. therefore dinners (and lunches and breakfasts) can be a challenge. but. we will carry on. and fight through. (and i will win.)

i hear: tee, tees. totos. rey rey. tank ya. peas. yuck yuck.

addison is really saying: cheerios. cookies. play dough. thank you. please. yuck duck.

anytime i start singing in the car (i always sing in the car), addison screams and waves her hands no no no no no!!! mommmmmy nooooo!!!!

we’re knee deep in the mine battle but she also think that amelia is hers so that part is pretty dang cute.

addison is obsessed with the puppy filter on snapchat. now instead of giving me my phone and requesting elmo, she requests puppy.

huge fan of: bubbles, jumping on the bed or couch, watering the garden, trying to tickle amelia, walking around in her rain boots everywhere, playing on the boat, minnie, sesame street books.

almost every morning she comes into our bedroom when she wakes up and climbs in with her blanket and cuddles up for a bit. unfortunately that’s right after she demands a cup of milk. this girl can drink milk like nothing i’ve ever seen before.

my heart is just a puddle of love and it’s overflowing with girl goodness over here.


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  1. Patti
    April 6, 2016 / 4:44 pm

    Awww being a mom is the best!

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