addison my love you turned 19 months yesterday and this is for sure my favorite age. until tomorrow of course when 19 months and two days blows 19 months and one day out of the water. here are some fun things about you at this moment that i want to remember…

you are a big fan of baby dolls, toy balls, ducks, toy trucks, water tables and the flag that hangs in our house (that i’m constantly asking you to stop wrapping yourself in and is almost always hanging on my a thread these days) but you have mixed feelings about loud noises and strangers.

if it’s heavy, you will find a way to pick it up. you walked around with a giant pot of dirt at our neighbors cookout and you are insisting on carrying around my five pound dumbbells.

no shoes are safe in your presence. you are always sticking your feet in somebody’s shoes and walking around with them on your feet.

you are catching on quick to everything we do which makes me stop and think all the time. if i have an itch on my nose, you itch your nose. if i point my finger at you you point right back. if i say “ahhhhh” after a long drink of water, you’re reaching for your cup so you can say “ahhhh” after your drink.

you are very particular about the shoes you wear. we are constantly rotating your shoes throughout the day. there are days when it’s noon and you’ve already worn your tennis shoes, swim shoes, and old navy sandals. yesterday we bought you some socks on the clearance rack and for the rest of the day you wore pineapple socks with your tennis shoes and a hot pink banana romper.

you love the kitchen and “helping” me in there but mostly you just want to hang out and watch me cook. last night while i was cooking, you were busy cleaning out the bottom drawer that had the towels and dishrags in it so you could stand inside the drawer and check out the counter space.

your favorite foods are cheese, pretzels, chicken, peas, carrots and cheerios. i’m quite convinced that you will always have a love for cheerios.

you walk around saying “ehmo” all the time. absolutely obsessed with elmo you are. i let you watch him in the car because you still hate hate the carseat but i only pull him out when it’s absolutely necessary. you have about 20-25 words including foods, names of people in your life and conversational pieces (buh bye, this, etc.).

you have all your teeth except for the two top eye teeth and the two bottom eye teeth. which means you pretty much eating anything you can get your little hands on. your hair has grown a ton since we got those fine wisps chopped off a few weeks ago.

happy 19 months addison iris.

keep growing as strong and healthy as you are and i’ll do my best to hang in there with you.

love, mama.


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