i think i say this with every single age, but this fourteen months age is hands down my favorite right now.

i want to remember that you laugh hysterically at just the sight of jack let alone petting him. you love to splash around in his water and despite me telling you to stop and relocating you to a different room, you somehow always find your way back to it. it’s frustrating and rather endearing.

i want to remember that when you’re really quiet in the backseat, you’re usually sucking on, not your toes but the heel of your foot. when you are standing which is pretty much all the time now, you love to stomp around. it’s not just a normal walk, it’s like a march and you throw your feet into the ground like you really mean it.

i want to remember that we are still constantly constantly asked is she always this happy? i used to be shy about saying yes, like i was bragging or something. now i say yes with a proud mama smile on my face because you really are always this happy.

i want to remember your bright blue eyes and dimples.

i want to remember that when you think something is just a little funny you put your hand over your mouth when you laugh. and when i laugh about your hand over your mouth, you find it even funnier.

i want to remember that you absolutely hate the airplane motion or being thrown up in the air and caught. a terrified look comes on your face and you hold tight. but you absolutely love doing a little shake shake shake so we stick to that and all is well.

i want to remember how you couldn’t have cared less about your bumbo until lila came over for those few days last week. then all of a sudden you got a jealous streak and had to me in your bumbo all the time.

i want to remember how you move from one end of the room to the other with a book and back yourself into my lap for a good story. you are big into giving all your stuffed animals hugs and all of us too. sometimes when i’m holding you, you just wrap yourself around my neck and snuggle in, even if it’s in the middle of the grocery store. it’s one of my very favorite things you do, your neck hugs.

i want to remember your babbling voice. sometimes we hear words (mama, dada, jack, hi, uh-oh, more, ball), but most of the time it’s just consistent babbling in your own little love language. your voice goes up and down too like we’re really holding a conversation.

i want to remember our daily walks. the ones where you throw your book or munch on cheerios or just take it all in.

i want to remember how you’ve been holding things in your mouth lately to carry. and how badly we want you to walk because i feel like we’ve been saying you’re thisclose to walking since december. your daddy and i are convinced that you walk around when we aren’t looking.

i want to remember how high up on your tip-toes you can get.

it seems impossible that any of this could possibly be forgotten. it seems silly that i need to write all this down in order to remember it. but then i think back on my childhood. and my grade school crushes and my high school dances. my college days and my first job. and the moment when your daddy asked me to marry him. and buying and living in our first house. and now, living across the country from our family.

those moments all felt infinite.  they were everyday routine but now when i look back at them, they are just a glimpse of the past, a snapshot.

so these fine little details? they’re the bread a wine of this life. the things that matter the most.

i want to remember these tiny moments, our everyday. every single one of them.



  1. April 13, 2015 / 2:39 pm

    🙂 She seriously has the best smile ever. You have one cutie on your hands!!!

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