Hi! I’m Erin, married to the best guy I could ask for – Andrew. Mama to two sweet girls, Addison and Amelia – the two A’s were not intentional but turned out awful cute 🙂 We also have a pretty terrific pup, Jack, who we adopted as a gift to eachother when Andrew and I got married in 2012. I love root beer floats, reading cookbooks (and sometimes cooking out of them), the small moments that I will cherish for forever, watching the girls play with eachother, traveling, books that move me, hearing from Addison “come here mama, come here” with her arms stretched out, warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh salads, watching my husband with our kids, avocados on everything, and the light that comes into a wide open kitchen on a sunny afternoon. So many things mark my life but leaving our families and moving from Wisconsin to Alabama to pursue big dreams is definitely one that was a turning point in my life. It was an exciting and hard time but I am grateful for God being by my side through every step of it because it’s made me stronger than I thought I could me. Thanks for following along and if you ever have questions or want to chat, please email at anytime!