yesterday was hard.  and i ugly cried.  man oh man goodbyes tough stuff.  

it was my last day of work yesterday.  things have been crazy stressful and so busy there but i wouldn’t have given it up for anything if i had the choice.  i had the best co-workers a girl could ask for.  i had work that challenged me and made me think outside the box (sometimes on very tight deadlines).  i loved it; all the craziness of it.  it motivated me and pushed me to work harder and be better.  i worked for a company and brand that people admire and i miss it already.  it’s hard.

and as i sit in my hotel room typing away with big crocodile tears streaming down my cheeks, i know this is the best thing for our family.  we are finally all going to be together in one state.  

finally.  hallelujah.  

and my new job isn’t going to be a 9-5 job with a laptop that i can leave at work if i didn’t want to catch up at night.  nope.  my new job is going to be a 24/7 job with a boss that stands approximately 30 inches off the ground and a four legged pup who has a tennis ball addiction.  

things are going to look very different for me very quickly and i think i’m ready.  bring it on.  

but first please let me get thru these next 48 hours without backing out of this move.  i had to say goodbye to my sister yesterday so i can’t even imagine how bad it’s going to get when i have to say goodbye to my parents and grandma this afternoon.


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