let’s take a break from gift guides and talk about holiday traditions. we’ve got a long list of traditions in our house but one i’ve been wanting to start is counting down to christmas with a holiday book. we’ve only got a handful of holiday books that we own but i’m slowly starting a collection of them and eventually i’ll have our own 24 favorite holiday books to continue this tradition year after year.

this year, our advent calendar tradition is going to be focused on reading together before bed – books that celebrate the holiday season and all the joy it has to offer. even though addison has seen a handful of these books, she hasn’t seen the majority of them so that makes it even more exciting.

like i mentioned before, we only have a handful of holiday books that we own so i bought a couple more but the majority of them i got from the library. i still wrapped them all to make the element of getting a new book more exciting but i put all the library books toward the front so we read those right away and i can slowly return them. the best part about that is, we can see which books the girls like and really get into so we can buy them ourselves.

i’ve got this idea of hitting up barnes & noble the day after christmas and really stocking up on those christmas books when they’re like 75% off. that store never let’s me down!

i can easily gush about children’s books – they’re hands down one of my greatest loves – and i’ve included a small list of the ones that are our favorite from the previous years below in case you’re interested in trying this out too or if you just need some good kids books recommendations!

1. the polar express – a holiday classic (and a great movie to watch the next day)!

2. llama llama holiday drama – we’re big fans of the llama llama books in this house.

3. frosty the snowman – i’ll always cherish this story because i remember my parents reading it to me as a kid.

4. ten christmas lights – addison only likes this book so much because there’s a button you push to make all the lights on the tree glow but it makes the girls smile.

5. a charlie brown christmas – forever a favorite, always followed up with watching the movie. christmas time is here!

6. madeline’s christmas – another christmas classic. i’ll always have a love for madeline books.

7. how to catch santa – they haven’t seen this book yet, i’m saving it for christmas eve, but i read through it and LOVED it so i know they’re going to too!

the countdown begins in two days! i cannot wait to end our nights cozied up and getting lost in a holiday book.

did i tell you christmas is my very favorite holiday? oh yes. this holiday season is going to be so so good.


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