for the three nights after that we stayed at my in-laws place while they were out of town then moved to a hotel downtown. it was really weird living in a hotel in your hometown but it sort of felt like a staycation (even though i was still going to work everyday). i definitely didn’t hate it though.

my last day of work was wednesday november 5th and on friday november 7th we started our drive down to alabama. we stopped in kentucky that night, got to alabama and spent the night there on saturday night, then drove down to florida on sunday for the week since andrew had to do some work down there. since we couldn’t get in to our house until november 18, we obviously tagged along because hello…beach. can’t argue with that one.

we drove back to alabama on a sunday, closed on our house on tuesday and the movers showed up with everything we own wednesday.

and we are finallllllly in our home!!!  we are incredibly grateful to have more space than a hotel room. three people and a dog get a little cramped and nobody is happy after three weeks in hotels, trust me on that one. jack is crazy happy about having a fenced in backyard and extra rooms that he can go hide in when he’s tired of addison. i feel completely relieve that a) we have our own washer/dryer again and b) we have all our boxes unpacked and it’s slowly starting to feel like home.

thanks for reading! you guys truly have rocked the last few months and i couldn’t have done all this without your support!

here is part one and part two of our moving story in case you missed it.


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