these past few weeks have been a quite busy so i’m now getting to our moving story.

the past four months have been nuts. absolutely nuts.  as i started writing this all out i realized this story is way too long for one post. i would never read something this lengthy so i can’t expect any of you to. this if part one of our moving story. part two and part three will posted next week and the week after.

let’s start at the beginning. 

we decided to put our house on the market at the end of july and at the beginning of august andrew started his new job in alabama/florida. this is when he started traveling down south monday through friday and would come back to wisconsin for the weekends. we had dozens of showings throughout the month of august and things were looking really good for quite a while for us. we got an offer on the house two days after labor day and were really excited about it. things came up in house inspections but we weren’t too concerned because things always come up right? 

we booked our plane tickets for alabama to leave on saturday september 20. we contacted our realtor in alabama to make appointments for house showings because we only had one chance/trip to look at houses and put an offer on a house in our five days down there. on friday september 19 i got a call from our realtor selling our house in wisconsin saying that the buyers officially backed out because of a few things we didn’t agree to.

at that point plane tickets, hotels, our rental car and all the house showings had to be cancelled asap. it was insane and stressful. not to mention i got this call when i was at work so talk about a major panic moment in the dead middle of the day. andrew was on a plane when all this happened coming back from alabama to unpack his work suitcase and re-pack for the week of house hunting. when he heard the news once he landed, he let his boss know and since he wouldn’t be going down there for looking at houses, he would have to go back to alabama for work on monday morning again.  this time he would be there for three weeks straight because of a few work related events over the weekends.

i just about cried when i heard that news. i hadn’t been at home for that long by myself with a baby and a dog and trying to sell our home…

*to be continued next monday


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