as the year comes to a close and the christmas tree comes down and everything gets dusted off and tidied up to welcome 2017, i like to think back on all that happened these past 365 days and how different life looks now than it did a year ago. i love sitting down with my journal and writing out all that we experienced this year because i know years to come, it will be so very enjoyable to look back on. as i write it all out and enjoy my quiet pen to paper time while the girls nap, i thought i would share a few reflections with you all.

we rang in the new year living in our home in birmingham with a two week old and an almost-but-not-quite-two year old. i thought life couldn’t get any better with my two babies and my husband right under our very own roof. we were all healthy, happy and exactly where (i thought) god wanted us to be.

but god has a funny way of working sometimes because sooner than i expected a work opportunity came about for us to own a harley-davidson dealership that we knew we couldn’t turn our backs on. so we scraped every single penny together that we had, and some that we didn’t, and we handed over a big fat check to co-own a motorcycle dealership. talk about the american dream!

but there were hoops as there always are.

the dealership was two hours away from where we lived. so we put our house up for sale in the beginning of july and the girls and i headed north to visit our family for the month. meanwhile, we were having house showings daily and by the time we walked back into our house on july 27, we had an excepted offer. needless to say, we didn’t know it would sell quite that quickly and since we couldn’t afford a mortgage of that house plus another mortgage or rental payment for a place for andrew to stay, we bought a really nice camper for real cheap and the plan was for andrew to live in there behind the new dealership until we could all be together again.

the closing date for our house in birmingham was august 28 so we decided he would stay in the camper for the month and then we would get rid of it. the girls and i said our goodbyes to him the night before he was going to start his new job and he headed up to where we would soon live. that night i got a call from him telling me the electrical in the camper blew and he was going to be taking it in the next day to get it fixed. that was probably the most miserable night of his life. it was 97 degrees that day in august in alabama so the camper was awful and suffocating. no luck was on our side with this because the place he took the camper to get fixed didn’t have the right parts and we didn’t get the camper back until after the girls and i moved into our new (rental) home on the 28th of august. he slept in his work office or on the couch of another person’s camper for a month. it was a little (read: LOT) rough on him. (and for those curious, yes we still are proud owners of that camper. although i still can’t figure out why 😉

meanwhile in birmingham, i am packing an entire house alone with an eight month old and two and a half year old. that is definitely something i would never want to do again (and hopefully won’t ever have to).

august also gave me the chance to fly back to wisconsin (ALONE!!!). i stood up in one of my very best friends weddings and it was absolutely gorgeous. sara and i have known eachother since middle school and we’ve grown to be the closest of friends over the years. i feel so honored still that i was able to stand next to her while she said “i do” to the love of her life.

somewhere in between being offered ownership in a dealership and moving, i decided it was time to step away from beachbody as a coach. i enjoyed it for the year i did it, but there were more pressing things on my heart. i always felt like i was on my phone chasing one more person and that’s not the way i wanted to live or have my children experience. and thank goodness i did because god had much much bigger plans for us with the new business!

we also had a few chances to shoot on down to florida with andrew for work before he settled into his new job. the beach by myself with a baby and a toddler was HARD but man, it was also so fun!

september brought a month of unpacking and getting settled into our new city. i found a good school for addison, met some new friends in the neighborhood and community and have had the chance to swing on down to birmingham a few times now to visit friends.

addison and amelia adjusted nicely. those two girls have blossomed so much this year! we celebrated addison turning two in february and since then she’s changed so much. in early summer i had her evaluated for her speech because i was getting a little worried that the words weren’t coming as easily to her but she tested out and after working with her myself, she is talking in full sentences, singing complete songs, and making sure everyone hears her voice loud and clear. in fact, yesterday we were in old navy and she grabbed a tee and swung it around saying “you get a shirt! annnnnnd you get a shit! annnnnnd you get a shirt!” in her best oprah voice possible! that girl makes me laugh so much these days!

amelia is quite the character too; i’ve never met a baby so happy and so full of life. this girl hardly ever cries and she absolutely melts me everyday. her bright blue eyes, the way she snuggles her face into my neck and swings her one arm around my shoulder. i mean i love the newborn stage but i LOVE this right now! we celebrated her turning one a few weeks ago and i really can’t quite get over how fast one year can go by.

this month brought a month of christmas everything. i decorated the day after thanksgiving and did my best to make everything merry and jolly this season. we spent the holidays with our families and friends up in wisconsin and it was everything i dreamed about. cold weather but not too cold, snow on the ground, watching our girls eyes fill with joy and excitement as they opened their presents (they were both very into unwrapping) and i was even able to sneak away for drinks with friends at a couple local bars – god bless grandparents.

now i’m packing away the decorations, going through closets and drawers and decluttering for the new year and taking a dust cloth to every surface in sight to make it clean and ready for 2017. i absolutely love the beginning of a new year to start over and have a fresh clean slate so i’m spending lots of time these days focusing on goals and things i want to accomplish personally, for my family, and for this blog. i’ll be sharing those in the upcoming week. as i reflect back on this past year, it was a really good one. of course, in life and in all the busyness, there will always be those up and down moments. our life looks very different than it did five years but i wouldn’t change a thing about it and it can only get better from here. (actually i take that back, i would want to own my own home again because i hate renting but all in due time.)

well that was long winded! i feel so blessed by the opportunity god gave us this year and pray he continues to bless my family and i in the upcoming year. i sincerely hope that this new year brings you joy, new dreams and new beginnings.

may this truly be your very best year yet.




  1. January 2, 2017 / 2:57 am

    Girl, you've had a CRAZY year! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I wish you the best for 2017!

  2. January 3, 2017 / 5:22 am

    Wow you had quite the year!! It all sounded so wonderful, and your girls are darling

  3. January 3, 2017 / 3:40 pm

    What a wild ride y'all had! Wishing you a very happy 2017!

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