when we moved to huntsville, we knew that it likely wasn’t going to be a forever spot to land, at least when it comes to andrew’s career. he started his first business here and his business partner and him wanted to expand their business together since the moment they agreed to work together so we knew wherever the job would take andrew, the kids and i would go. when we moved here august of last year, none of us realized that nine short months later we would be packing up our little rental home we’ve come to love and saying goodbye to new friends we’ve come to adore once again.

as a girl from wisconsin, i never pictured myself living in alabama because i’d never even been to alabama. things changed though when we moved to birmingham november of 2014 and this state taught me to love the art of slow. it was a big and different transition for me, coming from a pretty fast paced life in milwaukee where we were always go go go to becoming a stay at home mom in a city, state really, that is incredibly chill and relaxed and just slower at doing life. by this i mean the people i’ve come to know do life with more intention. they relish in a good talk in the driveway for hours on end with a beer in their hand. they enjoy sitting on their front patio and watching the cars drive by while flipping through the newspaper. they just enjoy the life they live rather than feeling like they need to be busy all the time.

and so, now that i’ve learned to appreciate and love this state and these people with my whole heart, it’s time to close the alabama chapter (for now) and explore a new place that i will likely fall in love with. andrew’s work is taking us to north carolina! his business partner and him are expanding and we are excited to see what NC is all about. north carolina is once again another state i’ve never been to before so i’m excited to start from scratch and see what it all has to offer. 

who knows if we’ll move back to alabama or not. as of right now, that’s the plan for a year from now but as we all know a lot can change in a year. my ideal scenario would be to move back to the area we lived in before and live right next door to one of our closest friends who addison thinks is her brother but, you know, dreams 🙂

the next few months are going to be crazy but worth it. in the beginning of june, the four of us and the dog will be saying goodbye to huntsville and drive up to wisconsin to spend time with our families and friends. andrew will go back to north carolina and the kids and dog and i will spend the month there. it will be so wonderful to have all our family and friends near. not only that, but there is so much to do in milwaukee and so many cool places that have been built since i’ve moved away that i always love coming back to check it out. at the end of the month, i’ll be driving to our new house in north carolina to see it for the first time/move in! by then all of our belongings will be there already so i’ll just have to unpack boxes and learn to call it home for a while.

before we knew about all of this north carolina stuff, we had planned for the kids and i to go back to wisconsin for the month of august to spend time with everyone. we probably won’t go for the entire month anymore (haven’t worked out dates yet) but once august hits, you’ll find us back there for a few weeks! then september will hopefully bring slow and quiet and learning a new rhythm in north carolina. i’ll be able to finally settle in and learn the city, things to do, places to go and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

all of that said, i’m looking forward to a new place to call home but also looking forward to going back to our original home. those streets and people in milwaukee haven’t changed and it’s always such a blessing to get all my friends kids and our kids together because every time they see each other, they just pick up right where they left off (whether they actually remember each other or not, who knows, ha).

i went back through some of my favorite photos of our family in alabama to share today. a few of my favorites below…



  1. May 23, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    Well THATS exciting! You'll love NC! Where abouts?

  2. November 18, 2017 / 5:31 pm

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