are you sick of seeing the words “we’re moving!” on my blog (or anywhere for that matter) yet? god me too. me too. but guess what? we are officially homeowners and it’s for good this time. wait a second, i just have to say it once more except scream it this time. WE ARE HOMEOWNERSSSSSSSS!!!!!! WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIIIIIIIVE AND A PLACE TO PUT ALL OUR CRAP THAT ISN’T A STORAGE UNIT! queue all the fireworks and sparklers and cheering! i can’t even begin to explain how much joy these words bring to my soul. after the past fifteen months, i would honestly be happy to live anywhere that had four walls and our name on it. but somehow we ended up with a home that feels a little something like a dream to us. andrew moved the furniture and boxes from the two storage units we had in alabama (luckily it was fairly close to our new home) and i’m dreading going through all those boxes because the majority of them haven’t been open in well over a year. when i packed those boxes last august, i was thinking i would be packing them for six month tops. three houses, two states and three cities later, those boxes are officially going to be emptied out and NOT saved for the next move!

i can’t wait until i can watch these kids and my husband play through the window and just thank the lord he brought us here. they are going to have their toys and their own beds and they can break or ruin whatever they want and i won’t get (too) mad because it’s not somebody else’s!

and i swear i’ll just be sitting over here crying for the next few months because i’m just so damn happy and grateful that we’re home.


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