A Day In The Life

I thought this would be a fun post to record since in three short months life in our house is going to look so so different and we won’t have the laid back luxuries of no schedules!  Here’s a look at my (not so exciting) life on a daily basis.  I kind of love it though.

6:00am:  The first alarm goes off.
6:02am:  The second alarm goes off.
6:15am:  The third alarm goes off.
6:30am:  I finally roll out of bed and take a shower.  This is always a struggle and now that it’s getting colder, there’s nothing more I want to do than stay under those warm blankets!
6:45am:  Makeup and hair get done.  Andrew likes to call this making the bathroom a disaster.  I like to call it prettying up.  Either way both happen.

7:05am:  This usually never happens but by some miracle I was done early today and got to enjoy a bowl of cereal before going into work.  Otherwise I typically eat breakfast at my desk while checking and responding to emails.
7:15am:  Pack lunch because even though I vow to do this every night before I go to bed, it never ever gets done that way.

8:00am:  Arrive at work and start the day.

8:00-4:30pm:  My days varies everyday between phone conferences, meetings, and training but the majority of my days are spent at this desk.  Despite having the luxury of staring at two computer for the better part of eight hours in a day, I absolutely love my job and the people I work with!  They make it so enjoyable to be there everyday!

5:00pm:  I get home around this time and Jack and I usually go for a walk right away.
6:00pm:  Once in a blue moon Andrew and I eat together or have a solid meal.  I have a tendency to snack all day so I never really get hungry for a big dinner until 7:30pm but I’m usually on my own at that time.  If we do eat dinner together, this is the time we usually eat and then clean up the dishes.

7:00pm:  This changes on a nightly basis.  Some nights involve laundry, ironing, and TV watching while doing those two (awful) chores.  Last week we went to a movie.  Otherwise this is normally the time where we go do our own thing.  If I’m not doing house stuff, I’m usually catching up on blogs, reading, or writing a post for the next day.  I’ve been trying to start doing the ongoing list of DIY projects for the holidays and sometimes I’m successful on the weeknights but I normally leave those until the weekend.
9:00pm:  I find myself on the couch almost every night around this time.  Lately it’s been with a pint of icecream.  Andrew and I usually chat and/or watch TV together as a way to wind down before heading to bed.

10:00pm:  I’m definitely tucked under the covers once again by this time.  Typically with a dog walking over me.  I attempt to read for a bit but never make it past the third page before I’m out with the lights on, the book on top of me and my phone on Andrew’s pillow.  Somehow I wake up every morning with the book and my phone on the nightstand and the lights turned off.

I know this isn’t too exciting but it’s going to be so different when a baby comes into our life!  As I read through this, I can’t believe how free and easy our life is right now.  It’s honestly just the way I like it but once that little one gets here, I know things are going to look wildly different and we will be all about routines then!  That’s okay though…bring it on real world!  We’re ready for you (but not until February)!


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