A Christmas Card Round Up

November 10 and I am beginning with the Christmas posts.  I hate to say it but I won’t be letting up until the end of the year either.  Sorry but it’s just the way it goes!  This is the first year that I have really started doing Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and I have to say it’s been feeling good so far!  I’ve always bought things here and there but never intentionally went to the mall in November with gifts for Christmas in mind until tonight.  I think I’m already half way done with my list of people!  Whoa…I need to slow down otherwise I might not be rushing at the end (for once).  Moving onto these cards though…

There are so many cute Christmas cards out there already that I had to share my favorite ones I’ve found around the net!  These almost make me wish I didn’t do photo cards because I adore all of the ones below!

Rudolph Christmas Card // Snowglobe Card // Why Is Santa Card // Warmest Holiday Wishes // Bicycle Card

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year // Christmas Sweater // Goodbye Self Control // Christmas Lights Card // Holiday Paint Card Set //    Christmas Tree

What kinds of cards do you send out for Christmas?  Do you gravitate toward the adorable cards people sell or do you stick with the Christmas picture card?


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