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Day 27 of the Challenge is love for a blog(ger) friend.  Again, this was another hard one for me because I have so many blogs that I have read diligently for many years and girl I have felt close to just because of their blogs.  I have made a few friends through blogging and there are women out there who have made me laugh, made me cry, and helped me through the tough times.

Today though, I want to say a thing or two about Erin.

I first discovered Erin’s blog back in 2011, shortly before I started my first blog.  I can’t even remember how I found it but I was perusing the internet one afternoon when I should have been working on planning my wedding back then and I got completely hooked.  I literally read the entire archives from when her and her husband met and married to the details of their wedding to having their first son Hudson.  Her writing was so real and honest and it made me feel like I could be best friends with her.  I turned to her blog for everything (and she had no idea because back then I didn’t leave comments).  She had so many followers and she was pretty much famous and fantastic in my eyes.

Then when I created an Instagram account and she started following me it was like a whirl wind.  LIFE = MADE.  And when she liked a photo of mine?  You guys…my day was flipping made.  Funny how us bloggers work that way sometimes.

Anyways, I just really love this girl and think she is amazing in so many ways.  She’s a southern belle momma of two boys and a contributor of Everyday Cheer.  She’s also a huge follower of Christ and she’s speaking at the Influence Conference (again!!) this year.  What I would give to go to that Conference I tell ya…

Not only that but she is just such a kind good hearted human being.  I’ve always respected her and been so inspired by her blog.  She creates great content and her blog is always enjoyable to read.

So that’s my profession of love for a blogger.  Thanks for always inspiring and sharing your beautiful world with everyone Erin!

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  1. May 27, 2014 / 10:43 pm

    Oh, Erin! Thank you so so so much! I'm truly humbled and grateful that you choose to read my blog. Thank you!

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