i’ve had snapchat for quite a while now but really didn’t jump on the stories train until a few months ago. it has by far become my favorite social media outlet. not only is it fun to share videos with others but i love watching what other peoples real life looks like. completely unfiltered. i mean except for the glamorous filter and the puppy one and all that. but really, we get to see everyone’s picture perfect life on instagram be not so picture perfect (if they choose to share). it’s nice to see that all these people have screaming toddlers and messes around their homes too.

sarah tucker: sgmtucker // sarah lives in florida and therefore her feed is filled with beautiful blue beaches and little baby boys running around. she’s definitely one of my favorites.

kristen miller from old joy: kristenmiller // kristen is absolutely hysterical. stay at home mom to three, loves to get messy and sing, most beautiful home but she is one who i was talking about who isn’t afraid to hide her house messes or show up without makeup. girlfriend is as real as it gets.

lauren mcbride: laurmcbrideblog // i love lauren! she’s hilarious and her snaps are so real and honest. plus she has the cutest kids and such a beautiful coastal farmhouse style.

leanne barlow from elle apparel: leannebarlow // i love leanne. she has incredible style and makes a ton of her own clothes. her snaps are so pretty and so is she!

valerie keinsley: valeriekeinsley // i love to follow valerie and her cute little boy and pup. they seem to live a slow simple life and it makes me want to step back and enjoy the little things everytime i watch her feed.

jacey duprie from damsel in dior: damselindior // jacey has style to die for plus she’s hysterical and keeps it oh so real about working out. and the bachelor. and wine.

lauren bryan knight from aspiring kennedy: aspiringkennedy // adorable babies plus london and paris life. it’s so fun to see what she’s up to.

masha theone: masha_theone // the cutest kids you’ve ever seen, the most beautiful accent you’ve ever heard and the prettiest amount of grace you’ll ever witness. i absolutely adore her account.

anna liesemeyer from in honor of design: annaliesemeyer // this mama is my idol. she has four babies with number five on the way, plus she’s beautiful and is always so happy. i love following her life in georgia.

my snapchat isn’t nearly as exciting and beautiful as the ones i listed below. it’s filled with a lot of ordinary moments though if you’d like to follow along, my username is erincampbell225.

are you on snapchat?


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