For today’s post, I’d love to talk about new fatherhood.  Over the last six months, Andrew and I have talked about things that we were surprised happened or things we didn’t think we would do before we had children.  He revealed some funny and good tips to me.  Here were his eight tips about being a new dad in his words…

1. You can plan, plan, and plan but you will never follow your plan once the baby comes.  You may read every book and think you have it all figured out but when the baby hits your arms it changes things. Its hard to explain how and why but your perspective adjusts.
2. Don’t plan on ever leaving at a certain time but rather plan on a time range. You are on baby time, just accept it.
3. Take the help.  People want to help and would like to have their own moment with your kid so take the help and go out or catch up on that to do list.
4. Happy family = Happy Baby.  If you are stressed and over mange your baby your kid will sense that and not be happy; just go with the flow
5. It’s okay to be a PROUD DAD.  Show off those pictures.  Having a baby is a great conversation starter with people (most people can relate)
6. LIVE LIFE.  We took our two month old hiking in the Smokey mountains.  We take her anywhere we go, DON’T SLOW DOWN.
7. Do what you think is best.  There is no manual for kids.  If you listen to someone else and it fails now you are mad or disappointed with their advice, but if you do what you think is best then you have no one to blame but yourself if things don’t work out right.
8. Have fun.  She may not remember what you do with her in the beginning but you do and that is important.



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