this girl i haven’t done nearly as many posts on as i did with addison. second baby problems i suppose but i wanted to boast about her a little today because she is almost 21 months and she is literally a little dream boat!


you don’t get nearly the amount of monthly, weekly, hourly updates as addison did when she was a baby but i hope you don’t measure that on how much i love you. instead, let me share with you in different ways the amount of love in our hearts for you.

i’m going to guess, based on the number of days you’ve been alive, that you’ve received approximately 10,000 kisses from us. and that’s being conservative. you are super into kissing everything right now. you do the puckering smack of your lips with the kiss now too which may be the cutest sound in the world. even when you’ve got a little bit of sass in you, you heal it with a kiss. and you still do the arms wrapped all the way around my neck and it’s amazing. please don’t ever not do that. you hug like you MEAN IT.

there are so many things i love about you that it would be damn near impossible to share all of them but i’m going to try here. there aren’t always words to do it justice but i wonder, when you’re a mom someday, if you’ll understand. i’m sure you will. you’re already a sensitive soul. there’s nothing in the world like watching a piece of your heart move outside of your body. when you see somebody is sad, you try to console them (or give them kisses). when you wake up in the morning you’re as happy as can be, typically found standing in your crib bouncing up and down but when i pick you up, you snuggle in like you need just a few more minutes to wake up. your hair is always disheveled and standing on all ends. the way you try to get into your chair whenever you see food being put on your plate is the funniest thing ever. and how you try cooking with me. you climb onto your tower to help at the counter and you’ll stir your bowl and spoon while i stir mine. or you’ll eat the ingredients of whatever i’m trying to make, one of the two! one of your favorite things are shoes. this has been an ongoing thing since you could crawl. you are constantly bringing me my shoes to put on or trying to put your own on. heaven forbid if you have options of shoes because you have to try every single one of them on. distributing shoes is the first thing you do after breakfast. like, i don’t know where we’re going but i know we’re going to need shoes for it so put these ones on. another love of yours is the boat. the second we even mention it, you run to your room and grab your swimming suit. and then once we’re on the boat, you cry if someone else gets to go tubing before you and you’re always dancing to the music we play. jack has become your best friend lately and wherever he goes, you’re looking around for him or throwing his ball to play fetch. you even clap your hands together to call him like i do.

gosh there are a million more things about you and this could go on for hours but i’ll leave it at this right now. your dad and sister and i feel like the luckiest people in the world to call your ours. i hope you feel the same way. may you always continue to smile and bring light into any room you walk in.

your mama


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