every time i go on a trip no matter how long i’ll be away, i always over pack. it’s silly because then i seem to spend more time stressing out about what to wear than it’s worth. i want to fully and wholeheartedly enjoy my vacation when i’m on vacation right? i mean that’s the entire idea isn’t it? i don’t want to be having to think about what to wear; i’d rather think about what adventure we’ll take next or how much fun we’re having in the now.

so with my upcoming trip, i started thinking about what i was going to wear and how i was going to pack for it. this is the longest i’ll be away and i knew it would be absolutely foolish to bring as many outfits as the days i’ll be gone. i’ll have access to a washer and dryer so why not use it to it’s fullest? and with that thought, i pulled out all my favorite items from my closet that bring me joy and are versatile and i set a number to it.


i’ll be gone thirty days so i’m only allowing myself to bring thirty pieces of clothing. i’ll tell you what; i’m bringing my mix and match game to the table because the clothes i picked out for my 30 in 30 with 30 challenge fit the bill. to a T. i concocted a bunch of different combinations (thirty to be exact) so if i’m feeling stumped one day, i’ll just pull up this handy dandy post to tell me what to wear.

i think that was always my problem with the capsule wardrobe concept. i’ve always been able to pick out my pieces i want for the capsule wardrobe but i was never able to visualize in my head at a moments notice what those outfits would look like.

in case you’re in need of some closet inspiration from yours truly, here’s thirty outfit ideas for the summer! sources are listed at the bottom of the post.

you may have noticed (but let’s be honest, probably not), that there are only twenty-five articles shown above (including the hat and three pairs of shoes). the other five include two swimming suits, a swimming suit coverup, a gray sweater and a light hoodie for those cool nights. i didn’t style those into the outfits because those long sleevers will be a given probably every night. and the swimming suits/coverup? pretty sure those won’t be styled, those will just be throw on and go.

i am bringing a small container of a few necklaces, earrings and bracelets but it’s going to be quite minimal seeing as i don’t wear much jewelry anyways.

i did exclude pajamas and workout clothes. i’m also going to a rehearsal dinner and a wedding while in town so i excluded those two dresses and shoes but outside of those three categories, what you see are the only things i’ll be wearing. i’m actually super excited to not have to think about what i’m going to wear; i’ll just be able to put it on and go.

now the girls on the other hand i always always always over pack for. not because i don’t think they’ll have enough but because they’re clothes are so cute, i have a hard time choosing so i just bring it all!

sources: bad choices shirt // purple embellished tank // love strong shirt // white linen shirt // green vest (similar here)// light green shirt (old) // blue and yellow long sleeve shirt (old) // white eyelet shirt (old, similar here)// black tank (similar here) // chambray button up shirt // red and white romper // purple and white dress (old)// denim dress (similar here) // straw hat (similar here) // jean shorts // black shorts (similar here) // white shorts // blue checkered shorts // red striped skirt // dark blue jeans // light blue jeans // black sandals (similar here) // brown sandals // white converse shoes


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