28 BEFORE 29

and here we are. thirty-six days after my 28th birthday. i have been talking about being more intentional with my time lately. about doing instead of just thinking about. so that’s exactly what i’m going to be doing.

over the next year i am going to be tackling 28 projects before my 29th birthday. these are going to be personal projects or gifts that have more meaning to me than just buying something off the shelf. this is pretty much sky is the limit right now (but food is excluded) considering there is a lot going on in my life with work, the baby, selling of the house, andrew starting a new job, you-name-it-i’m-sure-i’m-encountering-it. included from itty bitty projects to big things.

this whole idea and inspiration came partially from this print i recently purchased and partially from elise who did a project similar to this but with different guidelines.

i can’t wait to dive in and try some new things finally instead of just thinking about them. and now that i’m putting it up here i’m going to stick to it and post each of my projects as i complete them. if you’ve been around long enough, you already know accountability is key for me in accomplishing anything. i hope you find these projects as enjoyable as i will!

come back next week for the first project!  it’s going to be made this weekend for our new house and i can’t wait to share how it turns out.


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