as fun as it is to go on dates with addison during the day, sometimes there are days when it’s so dreary outside that staying in sounds much more appealing. here are some ideas to do with your baby if you find yourself stuck inside the house for the day.

  1. make a blanket fort in the living room
  2. take a bubble bath
  3. stack cups and let her knock them over
  4. play music loud
  5. and sing to her
  6. and dance with her
  7. play in the mirror – addison loves watching herself and her different motions in the mirror
  8. play peek-a-boo
  9. read books together
  10. take out some of the tupperware and let her play music with the bowls and wooden spoons
  11. have a photography session
  12. give her new foods to try and let her get messy
  13. play with the dog
  14. play airplane
  15. blow bubbles
  16. play with all the straws
  17. play dress up – we like to do past halloween costumes
  18. make crafts with her (thanksgiving hands, footprint pictures for grandparents, etc.)
  19. go through tunnels
  20. sing songs with lots of motion like “the itsy bitsy spider”
  21. have her “help” with folding the clean laundry
  22. paint her nails
  23. (make and) play with a busy board
  24. practice sign language
  25. pull out all the pots and wooden spoons and let her make her own music
  26. make a peek-a-boo board
  27. practice walking with her holding your fingers


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