i am in the season of life where a lot of my friends are either pregnant or just had a baby in the last six months. i was at target picking up a few things to get for a new mama friend and the more i shopped the more i kept wanting to grab all the things i wanted or had my first year that made a real difference.

this list was made without me even thinking about it. save it for your future new mama friends. i can guarantee she already has enough onesies.

energy bars or cut up fresh fruit or baby bell cheese or trail mix – she will forget to feed herself with a new baby around. and if she is nursing she needs to feed herself ALL THE TIME to keep her supply up.

hand sanitizing spray – for the unexpected visitors.

a great water bottle with a straw – easy access and even better if it’s a glass one.

chapstick – her lips are bound to get chapped (possibly raw) without it.

facial wipes – to feel a little refreshed.

a set of thank you card notes – strange but she will need them.

a sheet of postage stamps – for said thank you notes.

pre (or post)-natal vitamins – great for a nursing mama.

an i-Tunes gift card – maybe not for music but for game apps that she finds herself playing on her phone when nursing or feeding.

nursing pads – nursing mamas will love you.

dry shampoo – showers won’t happen every day so this will make things much easier.

lotion – for when her skin gets so so dry.

slippers – i lived in my slippers when i had addison.

mom’s five second memory journal – a quick jot down of something she wants to remember; she will be happy she did this in the long run.

mindless magazines – she will likely find herself with more down time than she knows what to do with.

chocolate and wine – for none other than sanity reasons.

a package of headbands and/or hair ties

a good hearty home-made meal that she can heat up when needed

donuts if you visit in the morning

salad packed with protein if you visit during lunchtime

an offer to hold her baby and let her take a nap, take a shower, go run some errands, etc.

maxi-pads – for the first 2-6 weeks after she goes into labor. she likely will have bought some but definitely will have underestimated this.

big underwear – for the post delivery. she will absolutely appreciate this.

offering to take some candid shots of both mom and baby – they likely only have selfies (IF mom is even in any of them)


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