This may be my very favorite project to complete at the end of each year. This is my second year using the 1 Second Everyday App and it’s so simple to put together and such a fun memory keeper.

I shared my 2016 1SE video last year and I’m grateful I stuck to it this year because every time I watch this quick video I realize how very blessed I am in this sweet little life of mine. I was really good about it the first two thirds of the year with taking a video daily but as the year went on I forgot various times so that’s why you might see a random picture toward the end of the year. If I could I would use a video clip from a different day too.

I use this video to document the fun and everyday stuff. It’s not that we don’t have tears or tantrums but they’re not something I need to include on my yearly highlight reel. Also when we were sick or having meltdowns, my first instinct is never to grab my phone and record it so I just don’t have many of those documented.

The video I posted last year included a bunch of tips that I used for starting up this little project. The key things are don’t overthink it and record videos horizontally so your video will all look cohesive! You can go back to check out the tips and pointers from what I learned if you’re new to the app. I highly recommend it if you want a quick and fun way to document your family (or anything really) throughout a long period of time!


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