around here things are getting very warm and toasty. the weather was in the 80’s this weekend and we had the most magnificent time outdoors. no boat this time but we had a magnificent morning at the farmers market in the morning on saturday and some friends over for a cookout and then an entire day spent at the zoo. i mean it was all outside stuff and our pale skin competing with the sun and all the good stuff.

around here i’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing and just being in the moment.

around here boxes and stuff is strewn everywhere because i am still in spring cleaning mode of purging our stuff. stuff just weighs me down and stresses me out so i’m binning up boxes of just stuff to take to the thrift store for donations. it feels good to clean it all out. addison sends it all off with a hand wave and a “bye box”.

around here my to-do list is a mile long and just keeps on growing. i thrive on to-do lists but just when you think you don’t have anything left to do, you think of twelve more things. isn’t that how it always works?

around here we have family visiting in three weeks and it’s all addison can talk about. granted we talk about nana and papa every day anyways but still, now we can give an end date on it! as excited as i am to see for that weekend they’re here, i’m also dreading for the simple reason of having to have toe surgery again for the third time in the last three years. i mean really lord? can’t we just put this issue behind us already?


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