around here the shorter daylight hours are making it more difficult to squeeze in my walks after dinner. these walks have been my saving grace since i haven’t been doing my usual workouts so we may be switching it to pre-dinner walks before long.

around here i’ve been washing walls like a crazy person. i kid you not, i went around with a rag and bucket today and examined every wall, door, and molding in this house. this place is spotless and it feels so good to not look at the little smudges anymore. now to just do a bit of touch up paint in both girls rooms! project complete the master-to-do-list by november is well underway!

around here andrew has been traveling a bit more again which means i’m spending my days getting stuff done and the nights watching grey’s anatomy and working on diy projects. i just finished my christmas felt garland last thursday (eek it turned out so pretty!!!) and season ten of grey’s anatomy. on dock for tonight is powering through season eleven and working on knitting some more of the baby blanket.

around here i’ve got everything i want to use to decorate our new little girl’s room written down and ready to buy. now if i could just have unlimited funds to buy it in one big swoop and then be done with it, i would be one happy camper.

around here we watched mickey’s christmas this past weekend because it was just one of those days. and watching that movie made me want to pull out my wrapping paper and bows and presents i’ve already bought to start getting into the christmas spirit. alas, i held back but it was tough.

around here we are counting down the days until we go back to wisconsin to see our family and friends for a little holiday cheer. less than a month away!


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