okay let’s try this again.

hi! i’m erin and believe it or not i will be with you the entire week! don’t believe me? i can promise, i won’t skip a day of blogging this time.

i really need to get better about this.

this is the week i will tell you all the fun that has been going on in my life these days. and i won’t skip a beat. there is one thing i will likely leave out but i’ll announce it soon. it’s exciting stuff.

so, this past week. let’s see. addison and i went on a playdate with some friends from our previous music class. we met them at a discovery world type museum and there is a section called itty bitty that JUST opened up for kids super recently. i’m telling you, the two kiddos had the best time too. i don’t even know how to explain it. everything was cray interactive and it was huge. it had water tables and tubes with air that sucked things up and spit them out on the other side and a vet (complete with X-rays and shots to give your pup). it had a miniature restaurant where kids could pretend to serve people and a grocery store and a firestation. it was so so cool.

in other news, i had surgery on my foot last week for the same issue that i had surgery on my foot for last summer. hopefully it will heal properly this time around and this won’t become an annual thing.

we had the best weekend too. our friends had us over for a cookout on friday night. then on saturday we went to the city fest that our town was hosting. and let me tell you alabama does fried food right. dare i say. sunday we had a few neighbors over for dinner, mostly a good excuse to fire up the grill. it was an easy and eventful weekend.

i have been reading up a storm lately and can’t wait to share with you all the good stuff i’ve been digging my nose into. i posted my summer reading list over on the good ole gram last week and i’m a good third of the way in already.

i finished the book the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo in three days and today is the day i start the process of bags upon bags upon bags of filling from my house. i can’t wait to see the transformation it will take and i’m sure i will give a full recap once i complete it.

june is going to be a very good month. i can feel it in my bones.



  1. June 8, 2015 / 7:01 pm

    We had so much fun with yall Friday night! Can't wait for girls night tomorrow!!

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