you’ve been warned by james patterson // this book was one of those that i picked up on a wednesday and by saturday morning i was done with. i was in the middle of finishing the shack and the body book and needed something simple and light because those two books were a little heavy and once in a while i needed a break. while i love james patterson books because of the suspense and super short chapters (you really do feel like you’re flying through his books) i didn’t particularly care for this one. it had some weird twists and plots and it was one of those that i just kind of shook my head trying to figure out what was going on in this main characters head. not my favorite but i’m glad it went quick and it was a good break.

the shack by wm. paul young // hmm. i’m not really sure where to begin here. i really enjoyed this book but a third of the way in to it, it got pretty heavy. the shack started off with a story about a man who lost his little girl while trying to save his other two kids when they’re canoe flipped in the lake and the little girl was never to be found again. he always blamed himself and had terrible negative feelings after her death but one weekend left to go to the place they found the last traces of her and ended up being entranced with God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus. it was good but it was a lot deeper than i thought it would be. it moved me in a way i didn’t think it would but i definitely had to take a lot of breaks from it to let it soak in. i enjoyed it a lot but it probably won’t be something i pick up again.

the body book by cameron diaz // i talked about this book a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure i was going to review it but i figured why not. this book rocked. it changed my perspective on what i put into my body. this book is not a diet book. this book is not a book that lays out an eat this not that meal plan. what this book is is a book that explains what foods are exactly and what they do to you when you put them into your body. it doesn’t say if you eat a lot of sugar, you’ll get fat or if you don’t drink enough water, you’ll dehydrate. it does tell you the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs and it does tell you what sugars are good and bad for you. it tells you what your body goes through when you eat a ton of saturated fats. it’s extremely informative and makes you think twice (or three or four times) before you throw that pint of icecream into your shopping cart at the grocery store. it’s making me look again and again at my pantry and making me get rid of things or eat them in moderation.


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  1. April 23, 2015 / 6:44 pm

    That second book does sound heavy! I can see how you need to take breaks to soak it up. I still have The Body Book on my list of books to get soon. I was offered a book called No Excuse to read for a review so I have to get that one done first! Cant wait to see what you read next.

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