around here we had a really really good weekend. between a new friend having a birthday party and neighbor having a cookout, and a playdate with a kindermusik friend, we may actually be making some friends around these parts. and it feels so good.

around here we had painters finish up a lot of painting last week and it feels so good to have it done. granted we are probably going to hire some other people to fix things the last painters screwed up on (like two different shades of white on the ceiling…yeah i was livid) but this place is finally starting to feel like home.

around here i’m wearing shorts all day every day. and that my friends is a beautiful beautiful thing.

around here i discovered iced coffee in a keurig and oh my gosh you all! i’ve had about three glasses and can’t stop won’t stop.

around here we have a few of our very closest friends coming in from wisconsin. they should be here in about one hour and i cannot wait. andrew is running around with a big ole smile on his face and with so much energy you’d think he just chugged a gallon of mountain dew. jack is running around throwing his toys in the air and catching them because he sees andrew excited and why the heck not. addison is screaming her little head off because we have a lot of energy and she’s adjusting to one nap and can’t quite figure it out. it’s havoc in this house.

around here it might be a little quiet because of the above. i’ll do my very best to make it here a time or two but if i don’t have a beautiful fabulous week my friends!

you can follow along this week on instagram if you’d like. i’m sure there will be an overabundance of happy pictures posted.



  1. April 6, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Ahhhhhh look at that swinging smile 🙂 Love it!!! I hope that you guys have a fabulous time with your friends in town!

  2. April 6, 2015 / 8:17 pm

    I need to know how you make your iced coffee via Keurig! Do you just use a dark roast over ice? Have you tried the actual iced coffee pods – are they super sweet? From one iced coffee lover to another =)

    • April 10, 2015 / 7:45 pm

      Oh my goodness girl I was always curious how people did this too! I actually found Keurig cups made by Starbucks brand at Publix and all you do is brew it over ice and add creamer! I got the vanilla flavored one and it is sweet but they had a regular one too! Hope this helps my coffee loving friend!

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