what are you up to this weekend? i’m in wisconsin all weekend! i’m sure i’m freezing my butt off right now but it’s worth it 110% because i get to see my family and all my friends (and my best friend had a baby so that’s what i’m mainly there for)! hope you have a terrific weekend and here are some links i’ve been loving lately…

this swimsuit. it’s perfect for hot boat days. not that we have a boat but you know…

day in the life of a fashion bloggers husband. i lololololed a lot here.

a girl who rocked her dress like none other at the oscar’s.

a couple tips to get bikini body ready.

it’s cold.

a cool way to announce the gender of your unborn baby.

how to lose weight in four easy steps (another good #lol).

clean your house in 15 minutes #possible.

turn your instagram pictures into temporary tattoos.

because i’m flying this week.

and in case you missed it, my new (additional) instagram feed.


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