setting goals is fun and finishing them is the best but the middle part is where i usually get bored or am “over it”. which means the finishing them part rarely happens. as i’m trying to be more intentional this year and with my one little word for the year being start, i thought it would be a good idea to do a quick check in on how my yearly goals are coming along seeing as we are almost a third of the way through the year.

28 before 29 is still in the works despite popular belief. this one is a lot harder for me than i thought it would be. thing is i love making the projects and i love the final product but the picture taking and styling and writing a post about them is the hard part for me. this will never be a diy blog (there are much better diy blogs out there that i can’t come close to competing) and i’m awful at finding the right light for shooting a project. it’s just not my forte. i have a boatload of projects ready to be shared though so this will happen soon. you’ve heard this before i know but all the projects will be shared before august 20, i can promise that at least.

the house is being decorated almost weekly now! since my last house tour update, the rest of the upstairs has been completely painted, pictures are hanging on walls, we welcomed a new beautiful plant into our collection and (wait for it) we have a bed in our master bedroom. i knew this would happen eventually but it feels like a huge relief when you actually can sleep in your own bedroom at night instead of the guest bedroom.

so far we have taken a family photo every month. this is probably my favorite goal of them all. i can’t wait to see all twelve lined up in december and see how much everyone (addison mostly) has changed.

i have the conference that i want to go to all picked out. i have wanted to go to influence conference since it started three years ago. it’s in september and i’m already starting to research it a little. this may or may not happen though. it’s incredibly outside my comfort level to go to something like this completely alone so hopefully by september i’ll have the guts to do it.

i have been using my dslr more and more and (finally) shooting in manual mode. it’s so much nicer because you can choose how much light you get in your picture. i can’t believe i’ve been on auto all these years!

business cards for this blog haven’t happened yet. if i do go to the conference in september, they will have to be ready and printed by then. and i need to get better about blogging more if i’m going to make business cards for this little space.

weekly daughter dates happen at least once a week if not more. sometimes they are just me and addison; sometimes they are me and addison and andrew but our crew is constantly going on little outings and fun field trips. this age is the very best and since she’s down to one nap now, it makes going places and doing things so much easier.

my big venture. this one i left pretty wide open because i didn’t know what this would look like in the beginning of the year. i thought i knew what i would be doing in january/february but i weighed the pros and cons and decided it might be biting off more than i can chew and i passed on the opportunity. i have started something else in the last two weeks that i think might blossom into something extraordinary but time will tell on this one. either way, something big and fun will be happening this year…stick with me.

i put on two more goals of drinking more water (a constant struggle for me) and blogging every day except sunday. these two haven’t worked out as well as i wish i could say but i’m choosing to not look back at what i haven’t accomplished but rather look forward to getting better at both of these.


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  1. April 20, 2015 / 8:07 pm

    Yay for the bed!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your big venture, sounds exciting. I think it is awesome you guys are taking a picture every month, something people always look back and wish they did/ Hope you have a great week!

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