what are you up to this weekend?  we spent yesterday driving and making stops along the way and taking our sweet and steady time.  just the three of us and our pup driving along in a rental minivan with a couple suitcases, a few bins and a big dream of making a life in alabama.  you can see more about our travels over the next three weeks before we settle into our home over on instagram at @erinlauracampbell.  hope you have a lovely weekend and here are a few fun links i’ve loved lately…

give me all them apples.

i love me some deep cleaning hacks.

little liza jane.

which american accent do you have?
ps. this is mine!
You have the classic North Central or Upper Midwest accent! You drink pop, frequently end sentences with “don’t ya know”, and you would never say “ya’ll”! You say Mary, marry, merry all the same but you have no clue why someone would say “pen” and “pin” the same! Interestingly, this accent is the product of Scandinavian immigrants who settled in the northern Midwest. Your accent is unique. You just can’t let anyone give you a hard time for it…. don’t ya know?!

gorgeous black booties.

can’t say no to a beverage that looks this yummy.

i have a thing for cider.

ready for slow cooker soups this fall and winter.

like i said.  soup.  it’s my jam.

morning maple iced coffee.

do you know these lyrics?  if you’re an eighties baby i bet you will.

jennifer garner is my hero.

kids are awesome.


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