What are you up to this weekend?  I am meeting up with a ton of family that I haven’t seen in ages and can’t wait for a weekend of drinking, catching up, and lake action!  I have a really awesome post coming at you tomorrow and then I won’t be back around these parts until Tuesday.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for an awesome post by the Campbell husband!!  Hope you all have a really great weekend and here’s some links I’ve loved lately…

Celebrities and their historical look alikes.

I just want to hug her…this music video is perfect.

I want watermelons on my feet.

On average people spend four years doing housework (and other fascinating time comparisons)!

The wee ones.

We’ve been traveling a lot lately and this list has helped out tremendously.

Things that happen when you become a parent.

This broke my heart to watch.

Maternity pictures of a man…cracks me up!

Some great summer hostess gifts.

Summer meals while it’s still summer.

This week was breastfeeding week so naturally

What to include in your carry on.


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