What are you up to this weekend?  My girlfriend and I are going to Six Flags Great America and I can hardly explain how excited I am!  We have planned this for the last three years and it’s never happened up until now.  Last year we even had a date picked out and when I found out I was pregnant, I tried to convince my doctor that I could still go and the flips and drops would be good for the baby.  Obviously she put a kabosh on that one.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing and here’s a few links I’ve loved lately…

Loose weight quick.

The perfect shooters for your next get together.

Suicide awareness legacy by America’s favorite.

This video “Like A Girl“.  It’s powerful stuff.

All these rings are totally dreamy.

What being a BFF means in your 30’s.

Cut grapes in half.

24 things we unexpectedly become obsessed with in our late 20’s.

Keeping cool with these this summer.

My new computer background.

You are beautiful and wonderful and are mine.

This dress.

Refreshing Face Masks.

Milwaukee has a secret.


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