Taking Stock

Making: lots of room in our house with all of the cleaning and throwing out I am doing this weekend.

Cooking: not often enough.
Drinking: lots of water with Kool-Aid liquid flavor.
Reading:  The Shack by William Young.
Wanting: sushi, a ham and cheese Cousins sub and a really big bottle of Coca Cola.
Looking: forward to hosting book club in a few weeks.
Playing: dots.
Wasting: time watching Parenthood.
Sewing: nothing.  shocker.
Wishing: for one night that I sleep the entire night.
Enjoying: making goals for the new year but still anxiously awaiting my Power Sheets from Lara Casey.
Waiting: for one more Christmas celebration this weekend.
Liking: visiting my girlfriend with the twins.  They melt my heart every time I see them.
Wondering: if we’re having a boy or girl.
Loving: the mornings that Andrew and I don’t have to be awake for anything and we lay in bed and talk about the future.  I just think it’s romantic.
Hoping: to connect more with God this year.
Marveling: at how much can get checked off a to-do list when I put my phone away.
Needing: to catch up on writing and putting pictures in the baby journal.
Smelling:  the best winter candle from Bath & Body Works.
Wearing:  a favorite sweatshirt.
Following: a beautiful mess.  All the time.
Noticing: the snow on every branch.
Knowing:  that I have one and a half more months before we’re a family of three.
Thinking: about making eggrolls this weekend.
Feeling: relaxed.
Bookmarking: pages in cookbooks of recipes that look divine.
Opening: a new magazine that Andrew picked up for me.
Giggling: more than I usually do.
Feeling: blessed.

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