with my new job as a stay-at-home mom in a new-to-me state, i’ve had a lot more time to do the things i wished i could do with my baby when i was working full time.  not only do i want to learn my new area but i am also excited to spend more quality time with addison doing new things.  here’s a list of things if you need to get out of the house with your little one for an afternoon!

  1. take a walk around the neighborhood
  2. visit the local park (especially for swinging on the swing set)
  3. go to the lake and feed the ducks
  4. visit your local farmers market
  5. go to the beach and build sandcastles
  6. window shop at the mall
  7. go to the library or bookstore and let your little one pick out their favorite books (or let her tear those bookshelves apart)
  8. visit the aquarium and look at all the fish
  9. run to the post office – my little girl loves going there!
  10. find your nearest target and play in the toy aisle
  11. find a delicious restaurant to dine at for lunch
  12. see the animals at the zoo (most zoos have free admission days during the week)
  13. get your grocery shopping done (and watch how amazed your baby is with everything in the food store)


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