this house officially became ours eleven months ago yesterday. we had fallen in love with it 34 days earlier when we threw it in the pile of twenty plus houses to look at and make an offer on in three days. the house was stunningly spacious with it’s open floor plan, high ceilings, and extra rooms for our guests and an office for andrew. it wasn’t perfect; i so wished we could have moved in to a perfect house but does such thing exist? but it was right for us. we moved down to alabama two weeks before the closing date and the second we got the keys in our hands, i wanted nothing to do with hotels anymore and everything to do with making this new place ours.

the day after we closed, a semi truck of everything we owned arrived. boxes were unloaded and before we knew it, we were standing in a heap wondering where to start. as i unpacked, i felt the comfort of our stuff filling the space but i also felt a little sunken. a lot of our style from our last home wasn’t going to work in this home. our last place we literally redid ourselves. it had stainless steel piping in the kitchen and colors on the walls that stood out and the only thing in the house that was brown were the hardwood floors that we re-stained.

it made sense why i didn’t feel like things would work here. i don’t think i was expecting the feeling though until i saw it all come together. this home has a totally different vibe from our last, plus about 76 challenges that needed to be thought thru, tested out, and pinned and searched numerous times before getting it right.

between saving our money to complete rooms though and a lot of patience when it comes to painting and molding and making everything flow, i am exactly where i wanted to be when i envisioned our new place. it took a bit of trial and error to test furniture out here and there and was a little heart wrenching to tear apart a finally finished guest bedroom into a new big girl bedroom for addison right when i just finished it and was happy. nonetheless it’s all coming together and i’m proud of the work i’ve accomplished on this home.

i’m excited and thrilled after this last month of home projects. the list is still very long before it’s “completed”. hopefully eleven months from now, i will be able to say it is “done” and we can enjoy it before we move on to the next but time and money will tell. for now though, things are looking very good. many many thanks to andrew for being so patient with me while i figure out what i like and don’t like. i cannot wait to have our new baby under this roof and have all our family be complete and here, just in time for the holidays.

ps. look for main space room tours and details to come soon! (and lots more close up pictures)!


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  1. October 20, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    I can't believe you guys have been here for practically a year now! What a year it has been! The four of us need to get together before CB arrives in a couple of weeks!!

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